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 Thank you for installing the Dreamweaver Shopping Cart Extension From NetStores. This email will assist you in getting started using the drag and drop extensionFirst, open a site in Dreamweaver by going to sites, manage site and open your site you wish to add a shopping cart.Now From Dreamweaver you can set up an online Web store that uses NetStores E-Commerce Extensions. Setting up your online Web store


Step  1: 

Signing-Up (top) To sign up at NetStores from within Dreamweaver, choose Commands > NetStores E-Commerce > Configure your Site  (picture below). 


If You will be taken to the NetStores Web page where you start the sign-up process, called NetStores' Terms of Service. If you agree to the terms of service, press the I Agree Button, and fill in the Set-Up-Your-Account form, following the instructions on the form. After filling in the form, click Create Your Store and NetStores will take you to the Merchant Administration Area. We will come back to this area in Step 6. Go back to Dreamweaver for Step 2.


Step 2: Enter your Merchant ID and Password  Back in Dreamweaver, open the NetStores-Store-Properties dialog box by selecting Commands > NetStores E-Commerce > Configure your site from the menu bar (picture below).


The NetStores-Store-Properties dialog box, shown below, displays parameters that are important for using your online store with NetStores and helps you complete Steps 1-7.

Merchant ID entry - Very Important!   

Of ultimate importance in the NetStores-Store-Properties dialog box is the Merchant ID entry box. You must type in the Merchant ID you chose when you signed-up at NetStores. If you do not remember what you chose, check your e-mail. By inputting the right Merchant ID in this dialog box, you provide to all the NetStores objects (such as the Add-to-Cart button) the information they need to operate correctly.

The correct Merchant ID is critical for proper performance.


Type in the password you used when you signed-up at NetStores.

If you do not remember what you chose, check your e-mail.  Each site can have its own merchant ID, password and configuration, simplifying the process for professional Web designers of creating multiple E-Commerce-enabled Web sites.Continue to Steps 3, 4, 5 - Item File 

The NetStores item file holds a list of all the items or services offered on your company's Web site. In the dialog box shown above, many of the remaining buttons and entries involve the item file. Follow the instructions for downloading, editing and uploading the item file at this link.Overview The item file makes your job easier. It is a text file you create that contains a list of products and services sold at your Web store. This list contains information about each item, including URLs for images of your items and Web pages on which they are presented.

Two copies of the item file are needed, a local one and one on the NetStores server. This page covers how to download, edit and upload the item file. Before you learn about the parts of the item file, you should download a sample provided for you when you open a store. The item file is easy to use for a small or large number of items, moreover it provides the greatest advantage for Web stores with numerous products. Manually entering information on your Web pages for many products is tedious and inefficient.

NetStores provides a simple way to alleviate this problem, allowing you to displaying and incorporate large numbers of items by simply updating the item file. Most stores have a list of items being sold that includes a code number or name, description, price, and other information about the item. If you already have a list in a spreadsheet, it can easily be modified for use as the NetStores item file. After following Steps 3 - 5 you should have an item file at NetStores and a matching one in the directory with your other Web-site files. Make sure to keep your local item file synchronized with the one on the NetStores server.


Step 3: Downloading the Item File (top)Within Dreamweaver, if your NetStores-Store-Properties dialog box (see picture) is already open: (If your NetStores-Store-Properties dialog box is not open, you can open it by choosing Commands > NetStores E-Commerce > Configure your site from the menu bar.) Clicking Download takes you to the NetStores Web page where you can download the item file (see picture below).  http://dreamweaver.netstores.com/images/item_file_download.gif  

Tab Delimited and the Add Header check box should both already be selected.  Click Download Item File   Save the file as itemfile.txt in the same folder where you edit your Web store in Dreamweaver. 


Step 4: Editing the Item File  Open the item file (itemfile.txt) in a spreadsheet program.  Initially the file has two demo items and columns set up as shown here: 


Edit the file so that it contains your products or services, keeping the same column arrangement (see picture above).  Save the file in tab-delimited text format as itemfile.txt.  Then upload the file as directed next.  NetStores allows you to customize the order and content of the columns of the item file in its more advanced sections.


Step 5: Uploading the Item File (top) After editing your item file, you need to upload it to NetStores. If necessary, open the NetStores-Store-Properties dialog box again in Dreamweaver (choose Commands > NetStores E-Commerce > Configure your site enter your Merchant ID and password).  Click upload.  This process takes you to NetStores where you can upload the item file. Scroll down to the bottom of the page (see picture below).   http://dreamweaver.netstores.com/images/item_file_upload.gif 


Check the Remove Header Line check box.  Click Browse...  Select Files of type: text (*.txt) as illustrated below.  


http://dreamweaver.netstores.com/images/file_type_text.gif Select the item file (itemfile.txt) and click Open.  Click Upload (see picture). 



Step 6: Connect the item file in Dreamweaver (top)Set up Dreamweaver to access your local item file by following these steps: On the right hand side of the NetStores Properties dialog you will see a box outline called connect item file. Click Browse...  Locate and open your local updated item file  (make sure you are opening relative to site root) Check the Remove Header Line check box  Click Update Store Properties in the NetStores-Store-Properties dialog box  Now you can easily set up your Web store to sell the products listed in your item file to your customers.


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