Dreamweaver FTP Setup

Thank you for becoming a NetStores Hosting Customer with Dreamweaver E-Commerce extensions. This email will assist you in uploading your website with Dreamweaver


1. Go to Site, Edit Site


2. On the Testing Files Site Definition, Use the following Settings      


How do you connect to your remote server?                        Choose FTP      

What is the hostname or ftp address of your Web Server                        Type:  netstores.com  or the IP address of the server      


What Folder on the server do you want to stores your files in?                       Type;  web


What is your FTP Login                        Type your virtual host login


What is your FTP Password:                         Type your login Password


Then Test Connection If you get success, the check save password


Hit Next then Done


This completes the rest of the setup of your site definition


To Upload your Website, click the connect icon place all your information in the web directory.

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